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Daewoo DH40 40S&W Pistol

For Sale Or Trade
Price: 475.00 USD 475.00 USD Price is negotiable
Added 03-02-2023 20:54:08

Full Description

In used condition with two 11 rnd magazines. Fully functional, well maintained. Normal blemishes on exterior.  $475 or would trade for AR 15 style rifle. 

The Korean Daewoo DH40 is the .40 S&W consumer version of the Daewoo Precision Industries K5 pistol issued to officers in the Republic of Korea Armed Forces. It began production in 1989 and is a relatively conventional short recoil Browning-style-locking pistol. What makes it unique is the trigger. It can be fired in single action, double action and a third action called Fast Action (also called Triple Action or Double Action Plus+). In this third action the trigger has the same length of pull as double action but the trigger weight is the same as single action, giving some of the safety of double action with the accuracy benefits of single action.



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